Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Goals

One of my favourite blogs and bloggers does a monthly reflection and sets out her goals for the next month. I really enjoy those posts and have been wanting to do something similar because I think it will help me commit to my goals and hopefully follow through on them. So, as a trial run, here are my goals for August:

  • Shower while home alone with Ellie (I usually either sneak in a shower before Adam goes to work, or when he comes home on his break, but getting up at 6am to shower or waiting until noon aren't very convenient options).
  • Take Ellie somewhere in the car without Adam. I haven't attempted this yet because she often gets fussy in the car and I like to be the one sitting beside her and soothing her. But I have a friend I haven't seen since before Ellie was born, so I might just use that as an excuse to get over this hurdle! Then we can look at going to mommy-and-me type groups together in the fall!
  • Go back to work part time. Luckily, we live at work, so this can be done fairly easily without me having to pump (hopefully). I'm just not sure how I'll handle longer periods of time away from Ellie (my shifts would be 4.5 hours).
  • Take an overnight family trip. We will probably either go to visit my parents (depending on their schedules - they have a busy month!) or go somewhere else on the island just the 3 of us.
  • Make time for regular exercise at least 2-3 times per week. We have a fitness room on the property, so all I have to do is get dressed and go over there when I get free time. I'd like to lose 5-7 pounds this month. I think this is doable.
  • Eat more salads and/or green smoothies. There is a group retreat here at the moment in which the participants subside on nothing but green smoothies for a week. I'm hoping to be in the right place at the right time and score some free smoothies!
  • Do more tummy time, diaper-free time and outside in the shade time with Ellie. Tummy time is great for strengthening her arm, neck and chest muscles and it's also the first step to crawling someday. Diaper-free time is good for airing out and keeping diaper rash away. On that note, diaper-free time can be kinda messy, so outside in the shade might be a nice place to do that!
  • Open an RESP for Ellie. We actually had intended to do this in July (the appointment was made and everything), but had unexpected guests, so we cancelled it to spend time with them. It should be fairly simple to re-book once we know our work schedules.
I keep wanting to add more goals, but at the risk of overextending myself and feeling stressed out all month (or disappointed next month when I look back on these goals), I'm going to leave it there.

What do you think? Does this list seem realistic? Or is it too much too soon? Do you have any big (or small) goals for this month?

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Sara E. Cotner said...

Love it! I feed Henry and then put him on the bathroom floor on a rug and towel while I shower. I used to wait until Matt got home, but I like morning showers.

I think your goals sound great and I'm eager to see how they go!