Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Goals

In keeping with my New Year's Resolutions, here are my goals for this month:

  • Have a date night with my husband. This will probably entail renting a movie and watching it in another room while my mom babysits... but hey, at least it's a start! I would like to come up with a cheap and simple way to make it a little more special though since this month marks 7 years since our very first date! ♥
  • Try a new recipe. Technically, tonight's dinner was a new recipe, but since it was just chicken in a different kind of tomato sauce and served over noodles... it didn't truly feel 'new' to us. So hopefully sometime this month we will break in my new cookbook and try something we've truly never had before!
  • Take one step forward in my business planning process. I want to start working on my actual written business plan, but I also want to try to interview a current entrepreneur to get some insight into the sector I would be going into. Hopefully someone agrees to be my interviewee!
  • Declutter our home. We've already made one trip to the thrift store this month, but hopefully we can continue the trend. We have a desk to sell, I have craft supplies to organize/purge, and we have a kitchen to declutter. And I seem to have totally forgotten about anything we have out in the shed... hmm.
  • Contact the company that holds our car loan and arrange for either larger payments or more frequent payments.
  • Go to a Bikram yoga class. I am planning on going this Saturday, so this should be an easy goal to accomplish! (After all, I didn't say I had to do well in the class... so even if I lie on my mat feeling like death for half the class, technically, I still went to it!)
So those goals should help me work towards my resolutions, but I also want to add in a couple things just for this month:
  • Schedule the car for an oil change.
  • Visit friends and/or family. We have a bunch of people we haven't seen in a while and have been meaning to visit, so hopefully we can knock one off the list this month! 
  • Get Ellie to nap in her crib. I've had this goal before and totally flaked on it. But it's time. As much as I love our cuddles, sometimes I just really need the 'free' time to get other things done or take a nap myself!
Wish me luck!

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