Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honeymoon Prep

As I begin to prep for our honeymoon, I wonder how traditional brides managed trip planning at the same time as wedding planning! I'm thankful for the break in between the two, because preparing for our honeymoon has it's own long to-do list.

We'll be going away for about two and a half weeks in total, so there are some things that need to be taken care of. Here's our list:

-book the dog into the kennel
-arrange for someone to take or babysit our cat (her flea allergy means a kennel would be a disaster)
-pay October's rent in advance
-pay September's phone bill in advance
-get travel insurance (oops! I usually do that when I book the vacation... not sure why I didn't this time)
-get traveller's cheques
-plan a food & souvenir budget
-buy Adam some new sandals
-find a bikini top to go with my bottoms
-get a hair cut (we both need one, although I could pass on this if time/budget don't allow for it)
-book our bus tickets (part of our honeymoon is spent in a city and the rest in a small village that we need the bus to get to)
-pay October's student loan in advance
-get rid of our van & cancel the insurance
-unplug appliances & give away any food that would otherwise spoil
-get a spare tire, jack and tire iron for the car
-leave a copy of our itinerary and passports with one of our parents

As you can maybe tell, our honeymoon plans changed a bit! We discovered that a road trip across this huge country would take a lot more time than we have for this trip. Although we could just do a partial road trip, it seems a shame to get as far as Ontario or Quebec and have to turn around and miss the Maritimes altogether. We still plan to do that trip someday, but not this year. This trip will be a nice, relaxing couple of weeks lounging on the beach or in our pool in Mexico. Much more affordable!

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