Thursday, December 16, 2010

No-Sew Fleece Blanket

I came across this post ages ago and intended to make a blanket for a friend's baby. Well, many moons later and I finally got around to making it, except now it's for our baby!

Squares have been cut from the corners and the long flaps are folded back on top of the blanket. The strips are cut and the first one is tied!

Basically, you just take two pieces of coordinating fleece fabric, cut it into two squares of whatever size you want. Then cut out 6 inch squares from each corner. So you'll be left with a square of fabric with four long flaps. Put your two pieces of fabric together, wrong sides facing each other. Now, along the flaps, cut 6 inches in, creating strips of fabric about an inch and a half wide.Then tie them in a knot. Fleece doesn't fray, so then you're done - no sewing!

All done!

Confused yet? This link has much better instructions!

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Anonymous said...

aaahhh...I made one of these for T'Neil's dolly a few months back. Good job.