Monday, December 20, 2010

Second Trimester, I've Been Waiting For You!

I had to do a second blog post today to rave about how good I'm feeling! It's funny how pregnancy can make you go from nausea and exhaustion to just plain feeling good practically overnight. I'm not going to pretend some things aren't still an issue (back pain, the smell of gas or alcohol) but overall, I'm feeling major improvement!

I've been able to:
  • clean the house with smelly cleaners that used to make me sick
  • eat foods that I don't like the smell of, and some that I don't really even like the taste of
  • drink a lot more water, which used to upset my stomach
  • stop snacking on salty foods
  • almost completely stop sucking on mints
  • go all day today without any nausea medication!
If this is signs of days to come - hooray!! 

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