Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elimination Communication

Elimination communication. Wow, now is that not a fancy way of saying potty training?

I've been doing some reading about the whole diaper-free baby phenomenon and I'm a little intrigued. It's definitely a great way to reduce laundry (since we'll be using cloth diapers) and it seems like it would make the transition to full on potty-trained a lot simpler. The official Diaper Free Baby web site is pretty encouraging. They even acknowledge that you can take on this challenge with differing levels of commitment. I think once the baby can sit up (or maybe earlier with me holding the baby upright?) we'll go the route of the 'Occasional EC-ers.' If it seems successful and I'm not adding stress to my life by doing so, we'll give the Part-Time EC-ing a go!

For now, I'm just pretty darn excited about how cute our little $5 Baby Bjorn potty is. Thank you craigslist!

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Mama Liz said...

Tried it with Rohan, it is great in theory and if you can really get a hang of it you are winning (what? no poopy diapers? Heck yes!) But it was on going for me, Rohan is still not totally toilet trained yet.............I know right? Those kids strike at the drop of the hat!
Also, try not to stress too much about it when in the midst, a pee in the potty at any young age is a win, no loses if you miss it and they pee in their diaper.. I was a pretty stressed out new mom, so this didn't make it any less so!

Saying all that, I have been thinking about trying it again with Avery, glutton for punishment!! haha