Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Apparently fluff is slang for cloth diapers. Who knew?

We ventured out to our local baby goods store this past weekend because they were having a potentially awesome sale. I say potentially because you pick a piece of paper out of a basket at the till and only then do you discover how much of a sale it really is! There were discounts between 10 and 50% off in the basket, but, of course we picked the lowest one possible - the 10%. Still, it meant we got our very first two cloth diapers on sale!

Is it weird to be ridiculously excited about diapers? Because I am! I'm also pretty stoked that a friend of mine has ordered these super cheap cloth diapers from CozyKids! If they're good we'll totally load up on some because they're sooooo much cheaper than the usual pocket cloth diapers!

I've also already converted myself from all-in-one diapers to pocket diapers. The difference is that you have to stuff an insert into the pocket diapers. But really, for the price difference, it's silly to even care about that tiny extra step! I'll just try to make a habit of pre-stuffing them when I put the laundry away so that I don't have to do it mid-diaper change.

Eek! I can't wait to see my little baby-to-be in soft, colourful cloth diapers!


Mama Liz said...

I was ridiculously excited when I went to Mothering Touch and purchased my first stack of clothies..........I still am, in fact, with this new order of diapers!!

Mama to a Sweet Thing said...

You are not alone. I didn't start cloth with Sophia until she was about 6 months old and I am still obessed with cloth diapers, she is now 14 months old and I am sad that I pretty much have all the diapers we need. But maybe if I have another babe while she is still in cloth, I can get some more, especially if its a boy, I have a lot of girly diapers now. Ahh. I swear I could talk about cloth diapers all day long.