Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 3 P's

Pee, poop and puke. It's funny how your perspective of all these things drastically changes when you have a baby. Suddenly, a little pee is completely harmless. After all, it's pretty much colourless and odourless, so what's the big deal? Poop, still kinda gross but a lot less so now that you have to deal with it a dozen times a day. It doesn't even resemble real poop in any way, so I guess that helps! As for puke, well, it's harmless. I get puked on daily and Ellie pukes on herself daily. Neither of us gets a fresh change of clothes just because of a little puke. So long as it's not excessive, we just let it dry and move on!

I think with all these things there comes some moment when you realize how little they phase you. With me, the pee moment was today. I changed Ellie's diaper in the car and had her on a vinyl change pad to protect the seat of the car. Sadly, the seat of the car is not flat and she decided to pee. It poured down the mat and made a lovely little puddle on my seat. Yes, I then had to sit in it all the way home. I did put down a little blanket but only so that my butt wouldn't have a big wet spot when I went into the grocery store. Did I then clean the seat when I got home? Hell no. It'll dry ;)

As for my poop moment. I think it was a few days ago. Ellie often shoots poops across her change table and onto the wall while we're changing her. Messy, but not the end of the world. A few days ago I noticed that we had missed a few spots while cleaning up after one of these explosive poops. But that's all I did - I noticed it. Then I walked away and got on with my day. What's a little poop on the wall? I finally wiped it off today when I noticed that there were about a dozen little poop spots on the wall, not just that one!

And then there's puke. I've never been phased by baby puke, so I haven't really had a decisive moment with this one. However, I do remember a couple weeks ago when Adam would change his shirt everytime Ellie spit up on it. I thought this was the silliest concept and still do. I think he's gotten over it. ;)

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