Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Long List of Excuses

I've been terrible at keeping up with blogging. At times, it's a nice break from this baby business, but at other times - those breaks are used for much needed sleep! I've even given up on washing the dishes everyday so that I can have that extra ten minutes of rest - believe me, it's worth it!

We've also been super busy lately with lots of visitors. In some ways it's easier to have a whole bunch of people visit over the course of one weekend, but in other ways it's ten times more hectic! We started off our busy weekend on a Wednesday night when we went into town to pick up Adam's sister from the airport. The very next day, a couple of our friends came to visit. Unfortunately for them, Ellie was having a particularly fussy night and she put on quite a screeching crying show for them! Thankfully though, we also got to visit with them the next morning when she was in a much better mood. Then on the Saturday my dad stopped by for an hour or so to show us his new sheep and to visit briefly with our other visitors that arrived that day - my brother and his family! It was great to see my nephews (they are growing up far too quickly!) and absolutely heart melting to see Ellie's Auntie & Uncle dote on her! By Monday evening, all our guests had departed and we were just plain exhausted!

That was over a week ago now and I'm still not sure if I've recovered. Now we have another super busy couple of weeks coming up. This week and next we have appointments on every one of Adam's days off. One of those is Ellie's first shots. I don't think I need to explain why I'm not looking forward to that day! We booked her appointment for the morning for a couple reasons. She's the least fussy in the mornings, so at least she won't already be screaming when we get there. Also, then if she has an adverse reaction to the shots, hopefully it would still be day time when it happens so we won't be heading into town in the middle of the night to go to the emergency room (why do I always think of the worst case scenario?!). And if she's just fussy and upset all day, hopefully it will subside by night time and we won't have a sleepless night as a result. Wishful thinking? Probably.

On top of all that, we have more visitors coming this weekend for a couple weeks - Ellie's grandparents from Ontario! She is their first grandchild, so they are very excited to finally meet her. Hopefully we have a minimal number of super fussy days while they're here, since we still seem to be getting those fairly often! Oh - and in a lovely turn of events - my mom (who was the biggest help in the world to me for a whole WEEK after Adam went back to work) will be back for one night at the end of the month! Oh how I wish I could keep her another week!

If anyone else is planning on visiting in the near future - bring coffee and lots of it. Or food, food is good! (Thank you sooo very much for the chili and bread Madeleine! Yum!!)

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