Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Almost December!

With my surgery coming up on Monday, I thought it would be best to get a head start on evaluating my November goals.

  • Take Ellie to a baby group. Nope!
  • Continue to eat more veggies. Yup!
  • More tummy time for Ellie! A bit, but she's not a big fan.
  • Be more consistent with putting Ellie in her crib for naps. I totally suck at this.
  • Sit down with Adam and weigh the pros and cons of me finding an outside job. Done, and as it turns out, I got a job and then went from part time to on-call/casual. I think this is the perfect balance.
  • Encourage Adam to use the sauna or steam room at least once a week. I totally forgot to do this...
  • Do something (anything!) once a week that contributes to my own overall health. Not even once...
  • Let my mom babysit more so that Ellie gets more used to her. Done! Ellie LOVES her!
  • Get our house clean and sorted. Mostly done, but I feel like it's a never ending task.
  • Baby proof! We've started!
  • Work on my two big goals.Yes. I've been doing research for both goals. I've determined that if we do proceed with adoption, it would likely be a private adoption as I am just not up for the challenges that come with raising a child with FASD. I completely commend people who take on this challenge knowingly, but I don't see myself going this route any time soon. So now I need to do more research on funding for private adoptions. As for my career goal, I just have to keep plugging along with the research for now.
  • Make and freeze a month's worth of baby food! Well, I might not have a month's worth frozen, but I do have quite a bit.
  • Pump and freeze milk for my surgery. Done.
  • Christmas presents/plans! Everything about this is up in the air, so hopefully we can get some of it figured out soon! Plans are made and I'm just about done with presents!
I'll have to think up some goals for December, but I might not get a chance to post them on time, depending on my surgery. Hopefully it will go well and I'll be posting my December goals on the 1st!

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