Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goals for August and September

Well, the last time I set goals for the month it was early February. I wasn't yet pregnant, we were still living in a small town, and Ellie was much younger. Now it's the middle of August and I feel the need to think out loud about what it is I want to have accomplished in the next 6 weeks. Before I start, I want to take a look at my goals from February and see if any of them are relevant or were accomplished way back then...

  • Work on improving Ellie's night time sleep. I'm reading the No Cry Sleep Solution and so far it really resonates with me. I figure if I can get Ellie to the point where she only wakes to nurse a couple times each night, we're golden! This took us a while, but sometime in April or May we eventually went with the crying it out method, and then sometime in June Ellie stopped nursing at night entirely (thus ending our breastfeeding stint). The 12 straight hours of sleep she has each night are absolutely glorious!
  • Finish writing the first draft of my business plan. Moving to a new city has completely changed this part of my life. I am no longer planning a business and am instead focusing on finishing a distance education program I started before Ellie was born.
  • Go to more baby groups! It's good for Ellie and for my sanity to get out of the house. Driving into town each day isn't so great on our budget, but we'll have to make it work. I have no idea if we did this or not. I do remember working a lot more in February though, so probably not.
  • Get more shifts at work. I feel happiest when I have a few hours every few days to do something productive away from home. Done!
  • Green smoothies!! My veggie intake is waning again... not good! I feel like I crave sweets a lot more when I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies in my diet. I need to hop back on the green smoothie bandwagon. Maybe I should branch out and try a new recipe? Not sure.
  • Get the oil changed in the car finally! I did (with Ellie in the car, nonetheless!), and alas, it's time again!
I'm actually surprised I remember back to February. My brain feels like mush most days. So, with those past goals in mind, and our new lives in mind, here are a few goals for the next 6 weeks:
  • I want to get back into drinking more smoothies. It's so hot out these days that they sound super appealing, yet I haven't been bothered. I need to start by adding spinach, bananas and frozen mango to my grocery list.
  • Get the oil changed in the car - again! And get the brake pads checked... it might be just about time for new ones.
  • Work on my courses. I'm deliberately leaving this goal vague because I don't yet have the course outlines for the 3 courses I am attempting to do before this baby is born. 
  • Prepare for the baby's arrival. I have a handful of things I'd like to do: make a mobile, make a baby book, have a baby shower, set up a crib and change station, etc.
  • Make Ellie's Halloween costume. 
  • Do most of our Christmas shopping.
  • Make the baby's Christmas stocking. 
  • Make time for fun family activities on our one day off a week that we get all together! 
I have other things I want to do, but I'm going to say that if I manage to accomplish everything above, I should feel great about that! Anything else is extra! 

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