Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love the Library!

It's silly, but I go through phases where I forget about all the great books and dvds I can borrow from the library. I search through second hand stores, look on for good deals, and often give up. Silly!!

Luckily, I somehow magically remembered the greatness that is the library borrowing system the other day. And to make things even easier - all I had to do was log in to their web site using our library card and request all the books and dvds I wanted. In a day or two, I'll go to our local branch and (most) of our items will be waiting on the pick up shelf for me! How easy is that?!

On my current request list are 5 dvds and 5 books. The topics cover birth, prenatal yoga, vaccines, caring for infants and a couple books about the Montessori way of teaching/raising kids. I can't wait to devour all of them!

Also, for those of you who are pregnant, or thinking about heading down that road someday, remember this: there are a million books about everything, but if you want your partner to get the information too - get the dvd! So many of the books have a dvd option and they cover the same material in a more user-friendly manner - genius!

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