Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Room Arrangement Update

Thanks to the great feedback I got from other mommas on facebook, I am going to leave the crib and chair where they are now. As much as I might think being able to see the baby will be comforting to me, I'll probably feel better if I just get up and peer over the crib ledge and check up close that she's breathing. Hopefully my nerves about this will calm down after a few weeks, but I'm okay with the idea that I might be doing this for a while.

Meanwhile, I found a home for our change table and hung a storage bin thing beside it. The storage bin thing is the type you get to put shoes in and it hangs in your closet. I've half filled it with cloth diapers and left room for cloth wipes, receiving blankets, etc. I think it's a lot more functional than having to open the cupboard doors on the change table and bending down to get out a diaper when the baby's lying on top of the table. Now I just need to figure out whether to hang the wet bag on the wall beside the change table, or in the adjacent bathroom where the diaper sprayer will be attached to the toilet.

Did I mention how much I love organizing things?

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