Monday, February 7, 2011

Room Arrangements

I am seeking the advice of all moms. In reading this post, I especially want you to think back to those first few weeks when you were a first time mom.

I am struggling with the placement of the crib in our bedroom. I have heard loud and clear the recommendations for a bassinet, but please, hear me loud and clear: we do not have the space and I do not want baby items that become useless after a month or two. We have zero storage space, so using something for a short time and then storing it until the next baby is simply not an option for us.

That being said, we have opted to put the baby into the crib straight away. This is not what I want your advice about. Actually, what I'm trying to figure out is the best way to arrange the rocking chair and crib. Currently, they are next to my side of the bed, with the chair closest to my bedside table and the crib beside the chair. I originally did this because I wanted the rocking chair to be my main nursing station. By placing it next to my bedside table I have access to a lamp for reading, my basket of books that sits under my bedside table, and a place to keep snacks and a glass of water.

Now the dilemma is this: I want to be able to see my baby in the crib as she's sleeping and I'm lying in bed supposed to be sleeping. The catch is that the crib ends are solid wood (I used a thick black line in the image above to illustrate this) and the sides are slatted (illustrated by the dotted line on the image). So, with the crib positioned as it is now, I can't really see that well into it from my spot in our bed.

So here is my question: Should I swap the crib and the chair so that I can see better into the crib, or is it more important to have the chair near a lamp and table?

*Keep in mind I cannot rearrange any other aspects of the room - the baseboard heater prevents any furniture from being placed against that wall, the cable outlet for the tv is precisely where the tv is located, and we have already played with other arrangements and they just don't work.
**Also keep in mind that I realize I won't always be nursing in that chair (I'm sure I'll nurse anywhere and everywhere), but for the times that I do use that chair, I'd like it to not be a hassle.

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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