Friday, March 18, 2011

Cloth Diapering!

The other night, Adam and I attended a free cloth diapering workshop put on by our local eco-friendly baby store, Podlings. It was fantastic!! Having spent the first 3 months of this pregnancy researching everything there was to know about cloth diapers, I thought it might be a bit too much of a review for me. However, I learned a lot more there than I did from all the books and websites I had read. Basically, my biggest bonus for going to the workshop was learning that I can wash cloth diapers on a heavy duty cycle using hot water, rather than going by the complicated instructions that come with the diapers - awesome!

And even though we had already picked out the diapers we planned to use (one size pocket diapers, or one size all-in-ones) we definitely saw a couple others that peaked our interest. I also hadn't thought about night time diapering, so it was great to see they have a fantastic diaper in the store if ours don't hold up for overnight use. Plus, we found a system that really appealed to us for travel. So if we fly across the country to visit family, instead of packing lots of bulky diapers and special detergents and wet bags, we can use a diaper cover with a compostable insert. I know it's not the most eco-friendly option - but it would be the exception to our otherwise very eco-friendly cloth diapers!

I can't wait to actually use our cloth diapers now instead of just staring dreamily at them while they sit on the shelf all lined up and colourful!

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