Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar, Chocolate, Heaven!

I am having my first really intense sugar craving since severely reducing sugary foods in my diet a few weeks ago (with the exception of my baby shower - seriously - no pregnant woman should withhold cake from herself at her own baby shower!).

Anyhow, rambling aside, I have been pretty good at not binging on ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies and milk (thanks for that habit, Dad!). But for some reason, right this second, as I sit on my couch and start planning my afternoon, all I can think about is making a batch of delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and downing ALL OF THEM with a couple glasses of milk. Even better would be the store bought cookies that are sitting in the cupboard because I wouldn't have to wait half an hour for them. I am doing so well at resisting this urge, but it is also resulting in me being on the verge of a pregnancy meltdown (you know the ones - where you burst into tears over the most irrational thing because you can't help it?).

Normally there is plenty of fruit in the house and a sugar craving would be easily forgotten after shoving an apple in my mouth. However, today is grocery day, so there are no apples to be found. The only fruit we have is frozen and intended for smoothies. The catch is that I prefer to make my smoothies with a combination of frozen fruits and fruit juice. But now I am off the fruit juice (since it's loaded with sugar) and don't have any in the house anyhow. Smoothies made with water are just not the same!

So, for fear of losing my sanity over this sugar craving... I will indulge in a glass of ice cold water and ONE store bought chocolate chip cookie. Pathetic, I know!

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