Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad, bad blogger

Clearly I've neglected this blog. It was all wedding all the time for months, then the wedding month came. The crazy schedule of a million tasks took over and blogging was no longer a priority. After the wedding it took weeks before I bothered to post about the actual wedding. And now that's over and I have nothing left to say about it. I'm no longer a West Coast Bride... I'm now a West Coast Wife.

So now that I'm a wife with plenty of time on my hands, I'm getting a bit discouraged with life. Not to sound depressing, but it's lonely being in a new town with no friends and only a part time job to occupy your time. I was distracted from this for the first couple months because I had the wedding planning to focus on. Well, now that that's over with, I have WAY too much time to sit and think about how I have nothing to do. Add to that the financial stress that goes along with only working part time and you've got one bummed-out, stressed-out stay-at-home-wife.

Any tips on how to get yourself out of a funk?

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Anonymous said...

Hey lady,

In terms of the blog, it might be nice for you to keep just to write about boring daily things. I have a private blog that I keep just to talk about school when I need to work through some of my thoughts. You could even change the name of it to "West Coast Wife" to reflect the change in your life.

In terms of getting out of a funk, I was just there. Although, it was with school stuff. I kind of stepped away from the school work for a bit. Can you make sure to get out and go for a walk once a day? Getting away from everything, even if it means going for a short walk, really helped me. Just moving sometimes feels good.

Are you reading any books right now? Reading really helps me too. What about doing crafty things? You're ridiculously good at those. One of the things I'm planning to do when I get into my new apartment is make an indoor moss garden for my coffee table (I'm SOOO excited about it even though it's really not a big deal, but they're also really cheap and easy to make, which scores bonus points with me!). What about doing something like that? Do you and Adam share any days off? Or maybe an afternoon? Could you go for day hikes while the weather's nice? Lauren and I go hiking every Saturday and I swear, it's one of the few things that have managed to keep me grounded.

Anyway, I miss you! I hope we can talk soon. I'll bore you with all my research-related details!