Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paint. Dry. Repeat.

When looking for a photo to accompany this post I realized I hadn't yet uploaded my painting photos to my computer. On top of that, I don't really want you to see my kitchen without all its cupboard doors to hide the mess! So, a quick google image search turned up a photo from a pretty awesome blog, A Full Monte Life. I'm not keen on taking a photo of a half naked blogger and posting it here, but feel free to follow the link to see what I discovered! Obviously, that is not me in the photo, nor do I paint my kitchen while wearing only my panties and crocs.

Okay, back to the post. I started painting our kitchen a few weeks ago. I did the first layer and was very proud of myself as it was a lot of work. Then I got lazy... and a couple weeks went by... and I did a second layer. Now it's ready for the cupboard doors to go back up and yet they remain on the dining room floor. Also, a couple sections need another coat (didn't do so well on the first coat in those spots!)... but alas, that will be another week... or perhaps Friday.

Why is it taking me so long to paint our kitchen??


Lauren said...

When I had to clean my bedroom I discovered the BC Libraries option of downloading books and listening to them via your computer. Maybe if you listened to a book as you were painting it might help things move a little quicker?

Jennie said...

I only have two tiny spots left to do another coat on, so I probably wouldn't even make it through one chapter of a book. But... I love this idea so I'm going to see if there are other 'chores' I'm avoiding that I can do this with! Thanks!

Denise said...

Hey thanks for the full monte life mention. For what it's worth most paint splashes wash off skin easier than they do clothes :-) As for incentivizing painting efforts - there's nothing like the pressure of the imminent arrival of paying guests who may need to use your unpainted kitchen.

Jennie said...

You make a great point Denise! I would much rather wash paint off of me than try to get it out of my clothes! Love your blog by the way! And Montenegro looks absolutely gorgeous!