Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to the To-Do List

It's been two weeks since I posted a list of what I've done for the wedding, and what I still need to do. Here's the updated to-do list and the progress made in the last two weeks:

To do:
  • Finish centerpieces (wash jars, buy bird seed, make candle holders--partially done)
  • Invitations (finish stamping them, buy or make envelopes, mail them!)
  • Order bridesmaid gifts
  • Decide on groomsmen gifts
  • Dress and suit alterations
  • Decide on groomsmens attire
  • Create seating chart--partially done
  • Favours--almost done!
  • Book dog kennel/adventure camp
  • Book music equipment rentals
  • Make playlists
  • Make photobooth backdrop
  • Stock up on supplies for photobooth
  • Make sign and paper for photobooth/guestbook
  • Buy shoes and underwear for wedding day
  • Hair and makeup
  • Order a wedding band for me
  • Marriage license and meet with officiant
  • Liquor license
  • Write ceremony script--partially done
  • Make a floor plan/seating plan
  • Make wedding photo list for photographers
I was actually hoping to see a bit more progress than that. But I guess that's not bad for two weeks work!

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