Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The White Chocolate Mocha

As part of my plan to fit into my dress (and generally be a healthier me) I have had to make sacrifices. I mentioned the oatmeal before, but this one's the kicker. I finally looked into the calorie count of my favourite coffee indulgence - the white chocolate mocha. Not surprisingly, it takes up a pretty 'grande' portion of my daily allotted calories (I don't actually count them everyday, but I have a general knowledge of how good or bad certain things are, calorie-wise). So, in an attempt to eventually cut out coffee altogether, I also looked at my alternatives. It turns out the best coffee beverage for my calorie count is a non-fat mocha (regular, not white chocolate) skip the whipped cream. Lucky for me, this is an alternative I don't mind too much! Next step - lose the coffee altogether!

*I should note that regular brewed coffee is probably a much healthier alternative, but I hate the taste. My coffee must contain chocolate or flavoured creamer, or I simply won't drink it. Hello, my name is coffee snob!

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