Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning Madness

If your closet looks like this, and you live in Victoria, this post is for you!

It's that time of year - Spring is practically already here and it's time to refresh, rejuvenate and clean out those closets! I'm asking all my lovely lady friends to go through their clothes, shoes, purses and accessories and sort out what they no longer need or what no longer fits! Anytime between now and the end of March, I will pick up these donations and they will all go to Sandy Merriman House.

Sandy Merriman House, as operated by the Cool Aid Society, provides 25 shelter beds for women, meals, basic needs, crisis intervention, counseling, referrals, medication and general support. It is also open throughout the day for drop-in services. It serves 3,768 meals annually and provides services to 4,117 drop-in clients.

Although I am not affiliated with Sandy Merriman House, my mother is an employee and sees the need of these women first hand. Donations are always needed and always appreciated.

All types of clothing is appreciated. Dress/work clothing is kept at the shelter and lent out to women so they have clothing to wear to job interviews and meetings with potential landlords. When there is enough available, this clothing may be given to the women as well. Winter clothing is always in need, so if you have extra mitts, scarves or hats, don't worry that it's Spring now, they will still be accepted.

If you'd like to make further contributions, you can also donate such items as toiletries, makeup, hair and body products, and of course, cash. Cheques can be made to Sandy Merriman House and you can choose to deliver them yourself, or I will pass them on for you.

Thank you for all your help & happy closet cleaning!

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