Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ashan Children's Home

Given that this is the time of year for giving, I think it's important for everyone to remember that the ipods, laptops, iphones, new clothes and other goodies we wish for are such luxuries and there are so many people in the world with such greater needs. Ashan Children's Home is an example of this need. For christmas, these 60 orphaned children need new homes. Lauren, a friend I met in Ghana, recently returned from volunteering at this orphanage, and here is an excerpt of why these children are suddenly in dire need of a home:

"There are four babies and 56 children living in three overcrowded rooms. The children are currently sharing bunk beds or sleeping on the floor. In order to attempt to improve conditions, the department of social welfare has mandated that by the end of 2010, all orphanages must begin construction to convert all dormitory style housing to family style housing units, otherwise they will be shut down. The fact of the matter is that the government is mandating this change but providing no financial support, and if this orphanage gets shut down, the 60 children who are living, eating and getting an education through Ashan will be out on the streets."
If you want to read more, or might be interested in donating (even $5 can help make a difference!), click here to go to Lauren's fundraising site.

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