Friday, November 26, 2010

Pregnancy Ads

My husband had a genius moment of hilarity I just had to share. We were talking about all the weird and random things pregnancy does to you (the no one tells you about until after you get pregnant) and he concluded that there should be ads for pregnancy similar to ads for medications. You know the ones - where they talk about the wonderful things the drug does for about 2 seconds and then spend the rest of the commercial listing side effects.

We think the pregnancy commercial would go something like this:
Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that ends with the birth of a child you will love for eternity. Side effects may include constipation, swelling of the face, hands, feet and stomach, discolouring of the face, sensitivity of the gums, round ligament pain, cramps, back aches, nausea, vomiting, headaches, exhaustion, dry skin, weight gain, increased appetite, decreased appetite, light headedness, heartburn, imbalance, nipple and breast soreness or sensitivity. Pregnant women should avoid dangerous activities, heavy lifting, eating soft cheeses, drinking alcohol and should limit their intake of caffeine. Should you experience bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

Of course, if this ad existed, pregnancy probably wouldn't be such a popular route to starting a family!

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