Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Baking

The other day I decided to pick up some crushed pecans and some red and green m&m type candies for my all time favourite cookie recipe (courtesy of Tia!). While I was waiting for the butter to soften, something came over me and I proceeded to make delicious chocolate coconut drop cookies (Karin's recipe!).
And then I went a little bit crazy and just decided to do pretty much all my christmas baking in one afternoon. Clearly the first trimester exhaustion is wearing off (although this afternoon was then followed by a 24 hour migraine... so maybe not!).

I followed up the chocolate coconut drop cookies with some butter tarts (Bev's recipe) and some shortbread (also Karin's recipe). My freezer is overflowing!

We'll be rationing these goodies to last until christmas... or, at least until baked goodies arrive in the mail... which tends to happen this time of year when you're blessed with moms that bake!

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Anonymous said...

Omg! That all looks amazing! Maybe you and the baby could pop down here for a weekend and bake up some delicious food?? Just a thought...

Also, I got your email! You are a bad influence! Luckily, I'm so swamped with school work and my refined sense of student guilt is rearing its ugly head, so I'm unable to justify doing anything other than work, looking at youtube videos, or feeling sorry for myself.

Um, maybe I could justify doing some baking though, since these pictures look so lovely!