Friday, April 30, 2010

Dress Fittings

I dreaded this day with almost every bone in my body. I mean, I'm always excited to try on my wedding dress, but I was also nervous that it would need some pretty major alterations in order to fit nicely. Well, apparently I blocked out all memory of losing 7 pounds because when I tried it on, it fit much, much better than when I bought it! My friend's mom is doing the alterations and even commented that it would require less work than we originally thought. I'm excited! Also, I'm moving into a new place in the next week or so which has a fitness room... so there's potential for an even nicer fit when the wedding day rolls around!

So the experience of wedding planning I was dreading the most, has turned out to be pretty uplifting! Not only that, but I can cross this off my list now too!

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