Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Giddy Gardener

We have officially relocated to our first home. This past week has been hectic and my patience has been minimal. I'm verrrry lucky to have a partner with considerably more patience than I happen to possess. Anyhow, that's another story!

I'm definitely excited about all the gardening opportunities our new cabin has. I wish I had this place well before now so that I could've planted my own wedding flowers. We're saving a ton by using a wholesale flower farm and creating the bouquets ourselves, but this would have saved even more! Alas, I am just now getting my own garden.

As a first time gardener, I clearly need to do a bit more reading. At first I was only thinking about vegetables and herbs, maybe the odd flower here or there. Now I'm hoping to have some native plant species, some organic veggies, and a couple shrubs as well. I also have some invasive species I'm hoping to pull although they are mostly along our driveway and out of the way of the garden.

I've read a couple books on companion gardening that focused on veggies, so I have the knowledge I need to determine which veggies are getting planted where. Next, I  need to read more about when to plant what. I have some seed packets, but have realized that some of the flowers I was looking forward to planting are things you plant in late fall. The picture above is of Common Camas, a native plant species. I am looking forward to trying to grow some, but just discovered I shouldn't plan it until late fall or early in the new year. I think it's too late now.

Does anyone know a great source for information on different plants and when to plant them?

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