Monday, April 5, 2010


Search & Win

You may have noticed this button on the side of my blog. Well, it's actually my way of paying for some of those great wedding accessories without ever dipping into my wallet! Swagbucks is essentially a search engine (with other features added on to it that you can choose to use, or not use). The great thing about it though is that when you search the internet, you occasionally win 'swagbucks.' Then, when you have a certain amount of them, you redeem them for items in the store. I redeem my swagbucks for Paypal credit. So I earn swagbucks for free just by searching the internet, and then get money in my Paypal account. Then I can use this to buy whatever I want!

My swagbucks helped me purchase quite a few things for our wedding! We got our bridesmaid's gifts, items for our photobooth, and much more on Etsy without ever emptying our bank accounts.

Did I mention Swagbucks is completely free to use and there are no strings attached? Check it out!

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