Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Small Space Storage Solutions

I got really excited about this post over at Apartment Therapy. Our new place is a similar size to our last place, but there is considerably less storage space. The post at Apartment Therapy was pretty cool, although a bit impractical for the renters among us. So, I post in hopes of feedback of solutions for storage in small spaces!

I already have a coffee table that is essentially a hope chest. It stores all our movies, gift wrapping needs, and a few extras. We've also resorted to getting a garment rack (read: basic metal rack to hang clothes off of, not at all attractive and not entirely stable) for our bedroom because our new place doesn't even have a bedroom closet. We are in desperate need of clothes storage.

We're also looking into raising our bed frame so that we can store our fitness equipment under it when it's not in use (we have a Total Gym). We could probably store a couple other things under there too, as long as they don't need to be accessed too frequently (maybe photo albums, board games, etc).

We also have a tv stand that has lots of shelving, but this is pretty much full with our dvd player and a few of Adam's toys (honestly, I don't know what they're called... some kind of contraption one can play video games on... that's the best I can do for you!).

Any other tips and ideas?

We will probably have a bit more cupboard space after the wedding when we can pass along the centerpieces and other tidbits we seem to have been collecting!

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