Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forming Community

In choosing our wedding vendors, I have to admit, personality played a role in our choices. Sure, budget was up there as one of the top factors in our decision making, definitely. But all in all, if the vendors personalities were overbearing, unorganized or just plain lackluster we avoided them. What does this mean? Well, we ended up with amazing, happy, friendly vendors that we feel like we have good working relationships with! Take our photographers for example - they are a married couple who recently welcomed their first daughter into the world (after we met them). They are so lovely that they actually sent us a birth announcement card! It feels great to have chosen such wonderful people to be involved in such a special day of our lives.

The reason I thought of this today is because we went to get our marriage license a few days ago. You see, this is the legal technical aspect of which you have no control. You simply cannot choose who you deal with when you walk into a government office. This was evident in the surly attitude we received. I was completely taken aback. Usually when you tell people you are getting married there is some flash of a smile or at least a congratulatory message, but nooooo, this woman looked at us as if we were there to have our driver's licenses suspended. Adam had planned on making a joke about how we had met that morning and thought we should just go for it... but clearly, that would not have gone over well with this particular woman.

Experiences like that just make me even more grateful for the wonderful wedding vendors we get to work with! Luckily, we never have to see miss sourpuss government agent ever again!

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