Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tackling the To-Do List, Long Distance

We definitely didn't make any of this wedding stuff easier for ourselves by moving 4 hours away from where we are having our wedding. As you can see from my crazy schedule, we have a two day (one night) trip planned during which we are attempting to accomplish a dress fitting, a suit fitting, a visit to our old place of work (where we met, and apparently I forgot to put that in the calendar), a visit with my mom, a meeting with our officiant to finalize the ceremony, dinner with my favourite ladies, a dentist appointment for me, a tour of the reception venue with a friend who is doing the set up for us, and finally, my hair trial. We also need to fit in time to drop the dog off at the kennel and drive 4 hours each day. And we'd like to be home by a reasonable hour because Adam works fairly early the next day. Sound like fun?

I don't recommend planning a wedding in a different city unless you have a wedding planner or other such magical people in your lives that you can hand over most of your tasks to. I have great friends that are willing to help, but there are still a bunch of tasks you just can't delegate. Bummer!

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