Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend: Day Two

Okay, I barely have the energy to relive this right now, but if I wait any longer I'm sure I will forget all the details.

 Day two started off great. We had set our alarms for 7am so then we got up and Adam's cousins (and their adorable little 1 year old boy) were already up. We were lucky to have almost 3 hours of visiting time! They made us a delicious breakfast of oatmeal pancakes and fruit and we just talked and talked and played with their little guy. It was possibly the best way to start our day - very relaxed and comfortable.

From the cousin's house, we headed off to the dentist. I had a cavity to get filled that I had been putting off for months. I had this image in my head of the cavity being totally out of control due to my procrastination, so I was more than a little anxious. When I got into the dentist chair, the dentist looked for a minute before determining that I don't even have a cavity! She did an x-ray to be sure, but apparently my last dentist was seeing things! So that made for the best dentist visit ever!

While I waited for Adam to pick me up (he had gone to do a work errand) I wandered over to a used book store that was giving away free books. I'm sure I made Adam's day by picking him up a huge stack of books (and a small stack for myself). That little stop wasn't on the list, but oh well!

Then we finished Adam's work errands and stopped for coffee before driving to our reception venue to do a walk through with our friend who will be setting up the hall for us. Naturally, the reception venue person didn't even show up (they've been a bit flaky... it's not fun to work with) but we managed to find an open door so we could still show our friend around.

After the reception venue, Adam dropped me off for my hair trial appointment while he went to his old work to visit with people. I remember feeling like I was going to fall asleep while I was getting my hair done, but nonetheless, it was fun and turned out pretty!

Lastly, we swung by a dollar store, the tailor (to make some adjustments to Adam's suit), two shoe stores (I needed work shoes and wanted to look for different wedding shoes), a store where I got hair accessories and nail polish and finally, lunch.

Then, 4 exhausting hours later... we were home!

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