Monday, May 3, 2010

Honeymoon Road Trip!

Well, we have finally decided what to do for our honeymoon. We had no shortage of ideas. We wanted to explore the south of France, have a tropical vacation in Costa Rica, go off the beaten path in Ecuador, explore culture and enjoy the tropics in Cuba. Like I said, no shortage of ideas here! Well, our first idea is the one that won us over in the end. We're doing a cross Canada roadtrip in a campervan!
So, the catch to this is that our country is HUGE. Seriously, look it up. If you're American and think your country is big, no offense, ours is bigger. I think maybe only China and Russia have us beat. This makes a roadtrip more of a challenge than ever. And not only is it big, but vast amounts of it are pretty incredibly remote. Take one of the first legs of our trip: Prince Rupert, BC to Whitehorse, Yukon. Apparently it's something like an 18 hour drive, so probably needs to be broken down into a couple long days. Here's the catch: where the heck do we stay/eat along the way? Yes, I know I said we were bringing a campervan, but I'd much prefer a legit campground to pulling over on the side of the highway for the night.
That brings me to the motive behind this post! I'm looking for your tips! Any recommendations of:
  • sites to see
  • cities or towns to visit
  • places to camp
  • hostels to sleep at
  • restaurants to try
Bring it on! We know very little about the places we're visiting along the way, so your help is not only welcome, but needed!

To give you a vague idea of some of the stops we're tentatively planning to make, here's the list:
Vancouver Island, Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii, Whitehorse, Okanagan, Banff, Calgary, Badlands, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Bay of Fundy, Cape Breton, Niagara Falls.

Also, the trip from East to West will probably go through the northernmost states to save time. We don't plan to stop a lot, but if anyone has any must sees along the way, we could probably do a bit of sightseeing there too!

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Lauren said...

Hi Jennie,
Me again! I saw your facebook post, and then that you guys are going to be going through the Okanagan on your honeymoon. Let me know what part you'll be travelling through and I can make some suggestions on wineries, restaurants etc. We go up at least twice and year, absolutlely love it up there. You guys will have a great time visiting wine country, even if you're not big wine drinkers. We took my beer loving brother up last year and had him sipping and swirling in no time, he had a blast!!! Let me know, I'd love to help!!