Friday, May 28, 2010

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend: Day One

Although the last couple days weren't technically the weekend, they were for us. We took two days off to go to the city we're getting married in and get a bunch of wedding stuff done (as well as some visits). Since this was days were pretty jam-packed, I'm going to fill you in over the course of a couple blog posts. So here goes!

It wouldn't be fair to start telling you about the first day without a quick explanation of the night before. Adam worked 7:30am til 9:30pm with only a short break to gas up the van and put air in the tires. I got off work at 8pm. When Adam finally called it a day at 9:30pm, we still had to pack, plan the music for all aspects of the wedding day and work on our ceremony. We finished the music around 2am and decided the ceremony would have to wait.

The alarm clocks went off at 6am... after less than 4 hours sleep. Fun. We started getting ready, Adam took the dog for a quick walk on the beach, and I quickly printed our ceremony (or what we had so far at least) and then we rushed out the door shortly before 8.

Our first stop was the dog kennel, where we dropped off our pup for a couple nights. He was fairly distracted by all the new smells, but still jumped up on the gate to watch us leave (*tear*). Then we drove... and drove... and drove for about 4 hours. The tricky part about this drive was that we also needed to use this time to write our ceremony. So, about half way through the drive, we worked out our wedding ceremony, vows and all! Not the nice, typed version I had hoped to be passing on to the officiant, but heck, it was done!

We actually arrived a little ahead of schedule so we quickly called my mom and my brother to try to get my family together earlier than anticipated for a visit. It was great! We got to visit with my mom and stepdad, celebrate my mom's birthday, and visit with my brother and his family. Quite the productive hour and a bit!

We went straight from this visit to my final dress fitting where Adam was able to visit with our friends while I tried on the dress and had the last little bits worked out with our friend's mom, who is doing the alterations.

From the dress fitting, we hurried over to Adam's cousin's house, where we would later be spending the night. We had a (super) short visit before we had to rush off to the officiant's house.

20 minutes late, we got to the officiant's house. Thankfully, she didn't seem to mind so much. We went over the ceremony, gave her the marriage license to hang onto and complete for us, and just generally told her bits about us (since this was our first in person meeting).

Next we were off to my bridesmaid's house to get ready to go out for the evening. Her spouse is our DJ, so while the ladies went out for dinner, the guys talked music. Our DJ just synced my ipod to his itunes and uploaded everything! Lucky guy - he now has more Britney Spears than he knows what to do with!

Dinner with the ladies was so relaxing and fun! I missed my friends since moving and it was great to see them and catch up a bit! They also surprised me with a gift certificate for a manicure!!!! Aren't they so incredibly sweet?!

After dinner, we continued to visit with my bridesmaid and our dj (aka our friends!) and then quietly snuck into Adam's cousin's house sometime after dark.

Ahhhh... then we collapsed on to their super comfortable guest bed and were out like lights in seconds.

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