Monday, May 24, 2010

Plugging Away

I've been making some serious effort to tackle this list lately. It's been more work than I thought it would be because 'finish centerpieces' really didn't take into account the half dozen tasks it actually involved. So now I've realized I don't have enough (working) battery operated tealights, I need to make more candle holders, and I need to wash a few more jars.The list seems like it will never be complete... and yet, in less than 3 weeks, it better be because finished or not, we're getting married!!!

To do:
  • Finish centerpieces--partially done
  • Suit alterations--will be done May 26 or 27
  • Have the groom's shirt cleaned and pressed
  • Create seating chart--partially done
  • Book dog kennel/adventure camp and cat sitter/kennel
  • Make playlists--all done except the song for the groom and his mom!
  • Meet with officiant--will be done May 26 or 27
  • Liquor license
  • Write ceremony script--partially done
  • Make a floor plan/seating plan--pretty much done
  • Walk through of the reception hall with our friend/decorator, Tia--will be done May 26 or 27
  • Invite wedding party to rehearsal and dinner
  • Invite the groom's relatives to Sunday tea/lunch
  • Figure out how to put up sign that points to the chapel, designate someone to do this
  • Confirm details/numbers with caterers, bartenders, photographers, decoration rental, wholesale flower farmer, etc.
  • Package groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts
  • Purchase 'other' gifts and thank you cards--partially done
  • Figure out an MC! 

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