Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple Cobbler in a Jar!


I was recently inspired by a post about single serving pie in a jar over at the blog, Our Best Bites. I will definitely try making the pie once I have a few different types of fruit in the house to experiment with. In the meantime, I took my family's apple cobbler recipe and put that in a jar! I thought the recipe would only make 4 jars, but I ended up with 6 and some cobbler topping leftover. I could've kept going, but I was out of apples!

We baked two of them after dinner the other night and they turned out great!

I bet if someone was feeling super adventurous they could make a bunch of these as wedding favours! Or, if you're feeling moderately adventurous, as gifts to your bridal party. I think I'll use this idea for birthday gifts!

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