Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was our day to tackle the accummulation of 'stuff' in our shed. It felt like an episode of that tv show called Hoarders! There was a bunch of random stuff left over from a fundraiser garage sale we had a couple years ago, an abundance of car parts and tools, a billion spiders and spider egg sacks (even typing that made me feel like gagging and running away), boxes that had pretty much started to disintigrate from the moisture and a small portion of good, usable 'stuff' - like our camping equipment and mini barbeque.

In an attempt to be as systematic as possible, we created three piles (donate, keep and recycle) and had a bag handy for the rest of it (garbage). After sorting everything, we returned the keepers to the shed, took out the garbage and sorted out the recyclables. Next, my fiancé (Adam) made a run to the thrift store to get rid of the donations while I looked up where to take the recyclables. Then Adam took the recycleables away too!

It feels so good to know that when we move, the junk won't be coming with us due to last minute panic/running out of time to sort things! It also feels pretty weird to be constantly sorting through our stuff and purging things we don't need, while also accummulating a ton of wedding 'stuff.' It will probably be a relief to purge the wedding stuff someday too!

I should also give credit where credit is due. Due to the 'billion spiders and spider egg sacks,' I mostly supervised while Adam did all the moving things around. What a trooper!

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