Monday, February 8, 2010

Rice Pillows aka Heat or Ice Packs

Although wedding planning has taken up a pretty big chunk of my creative energy over the last year, I've also managed to find time to teach myself to sew. Being a beginner, my preference is for easy projects that don't necessarily require a pattern. This rice pack is one of my favourites! It can be heated up for 2 minutes in the microwave to act as a heat pad, or, it can be left in the freezer to act as an 'ice' pack. 

It's super easy to make. You basically decide how big you want it to be and you make a lining and an outer fabric. Fold the lining fabric piece in half and sew three sides together leaving one open for filling. Then, fold the outer fabric in half (right sides together) and just sew along the long edge and then turn inside out. Insert the lining into the outer fabric. On the end where the lining is already sewed shut, fold the ends of the outer fabric in and sew across to secure the lining and hide the raw edges of the outer fabric. Next, fill the lining with just under 4 cups of rice (any rice will work, and you can add herbs if you want to scent it). Then, carefully fold in the ends of the lining and outer fabric and sew the remaining side closed (making sure you're sewing through all four layers). Make sure you're using very small stitches for all your seams so that the rice can't fall out. 

Is that not the easiest sewing project ever? And they make great gifts!

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