Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photobooth Fun!

I don't believe in jumping on bandwagons and following fads just because they're the latest and greatest thing. For example, while some wedding parties may be coordinated and creative and do a great coreographed 'first dance'... we are not those people. However, in this case, we're jumping on the fad bandwagon because, let's face it, photobooths are good old fashioned F-U-N!

Companies that rent out traditional photobooths are popping up everywhere. Party Booth has even created software you can purchase to turn your laptop into a pro photo booth for any occassion! However, not only does our town not have a photobooth company (and even if it did, it would probably be over our budget), but we don't have a laptop we could use with the software option. So, we've opted to put our camera on a tripod and make our own photobooth!

Second Bride's Wedding Site has some great instructions on how to construct a stand for your backdrop (since most venues aren't keen on things being attached to the walls). So, I put the fiancé in charge of making the stand and I dragged him to the bargain corner of our local fabric store to pick out fabric for the backdrop. In the end we settled on two colours and will do a 2 X 2 grid pattern with these two fabrics:

I think the vibrant colours will make a fun background!

We're also going to have the obligatory hilarious-box-o-props beside the backdrop so guests who are feeling silly can goof off to their heart's delight! 

Our photobooth will actually be doing double duty as our guestbook as well! We're going to set up a small table beside the 'booth' where guests can write little messages on the paper provided. Then, after the wedding, we'll print the pictures and put them in an album along with the printed messages. We're also going to find a way to make the photos available for everyone to see/save a copy so they can enjoy their own photos as well!

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FYI, Party Booth is now Sparkbooth