Thursday, February 25, 2010

Picking a Photographer

We knew that choosing the right photographer for our wedding was one of our main priorities. The photos are something you have to look back on, years later when you can't remember all the details. We have some great photographers on our guest list (family and friends), but we want them to be able to enjoy themselves rather than work during our wedding day. Knowing this meant we had to hire professionals, we started by looking at a ton of web sites and getting quotes from a bunch of local photographers. We were pretty bummed to find out that most were well beyond our budget (even though we prioritized photography, it didn't mean we were willing to spend an enormous sum of moola on it).

After a lot of searching, we were lucky enough to find a photographer that had a promotion on at the time. The promotion even included a free engagement session. Perfect! This allowed us the chance to 'test' out their photography and get to know them before the wedding day. Our photographers are a married couple that originally lived a bit far from our wedding city; however, lucky for us (and the environment!), they relocated to a much closer location (= less carbon emissions travelling to our wedding!). The best part is they do great work! The photos throughout this post are from our engagement session with them.


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