Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's a whole wedding world out there in blogland...

And you'd never know until you get engaged and suddenly all these wedding blogs and web sites come out of nowhere and bombard you with ideas and inspiration! Now, that being said, there are even more web sites dedicated to pressuring you into making particular decisions about weddings - costly, expensive, 'traditional' decisions. They usually do this by insisting it is improper wedding etiquette to not include said activity/tradition. That being said, I've attempted to stick to my guns and only include what is important to myself and my fiancé in our wedding. So, to kick off my blog, I though I would share a few sites that helped keep me grounded (and continuously help keep me grounded) throughout this wedding planning process!

1. $2000 Dollar Wedding  Sara and Matt's wedding blog was the first blog I came across. Such a great start to inspiring us to plan our wedding in a way that is truly meaningful to us, without succumbing to outside pressure to fit a certain 'wedding' mold. I love how this couple carries this thoughtfulness into the rest of their lives as well. I highly recommend all brides-to-be follow Sara's blog!

The rest of these blogs I did not follow regularly, but instead, sporadically hit them up for great DIY ideas! Enjoy!

2. Wedding Bee
3. Once Wed
4. The Bride's Cafe
5. Intimate Weddings

Do you have any wedding web sites or blogs you would like to share with other future brides? Leave a comment on this post and share with everyone!

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