Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo Locations

Despite the advice and feedback I've gotten from various wedding sites and blogs, we decided what worked best for us and our traditions was to have a chunk of time between the ceremony and reception for photos. As it turns out, our ceremony will be at 1pm and our reception at 5pm. Although many of our guests are coming from out of town, we will give them plenty of ideas and suggestions for things to do during this time, and hopefully they will understand!

We have three sets of photos to do. First, we are going to do family photos immediately following the ceremony in the gardens adjacent to the chapel. Here are a couple photos of the gardens:

After family photos, we are doing photos with just us and our wedding party. It was important to us to pick a location en route from the ceremony to reception so that we would not have the extra carbon emissions that would come with a far away location. Although we (probably more me than the groom) originally had our hearts set on a heritage site just out of the city, we decided the drive was a bit excessive. So, we settled on a local college with some cool architecture and landscaping. Check it out:

Finally, we're going to round out the photos with some shots of just us, the bride and groom, down by the water. We chose a local marina (and some of the area around it) for these photos, because we love the ocean and just had to have at least some of our photos by the water! I don't have any pictures for this one... so you'll have to use your imagination (sailboats tied up to the docks, rocky cliffs, waves, seals).

All that being said... we now need a backup plan for a rainy day. Suggestions?

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