Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free (or nearly free) Wedding Decorations!

I have to admit, I would rather have no centerpieces at all than rent them at the ridiculous prices decorators charge these days. Naturally, I decided DIY was the way to go. But if you're not careful, DIY projects can cost just as much as renting, and then you're left with an excess of wedding decorations (which also means you may have purchased newly produced items when it would have been more eco-friendly to rent them). My challenge then was to create centerpieces (and other decorations too) without purchasing too much new 'stuff.' That's when it occurred to me: Freecycle!

Our city has a great Yahoo group where everyone emails one another things they are offering for free or wanting to get for free. All I had to do was decide what I wanted to make, and then send an email and hope for responses. I ended up getting almost everything I needed to make our centerpieces, seating chart, favours and invitations!

Our centerpieces are going to be glass jars partially filled with bird seed with a candle in the center (like the photo above, although these are a work in progress - I don't plan on tying the string around them, although raffia might work). In some cases I got even more of something than I asked for - one person gave me 6 boxes of glass jars when I had only asked for about 2 dozen jars in total!

Does your community have a forum like this that you can make use of?

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